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If you have a business in Apopka, Florida, you have probably heard that you need to try doing SEO in Apopka. But what exactly does that entail? In this article I hope to shed some light on what doing SEO is and how it can help your Apopka business.

Apopka seo


So, what exactly is SEO? SEO is the process of getting your web page in front of customers that search on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others. “Why is this important,” you may ask? Well, when someone searches “your business’s service Apopka,” don’t you think it would be valuable if your website was one of the first that showed up to a potential customer?

A good SEO strategy can get your business in front of customers looking for your product.

I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a very valuable asset. It’s almost like someone is looking to buy a product and them wondering right into your shop.

You already have a customer that’s ready to buy and you’re there to provide the product or service.

So that’s what SEO is – a form of very targeted marketing to get online customers.

SEO versus other forms of marketing in Apopka

Since you’re a business owner, you probably hear many marketing and advertising professionals tell you that you need to advertise your product using their services.

You may have account executives coming to you telling you that you need to buy ad space on their TV channel, billboard, newspaper, whatever have you.

And many of those forms of advertising can be effective.

But search engine optimization is hyper-targeted to potential customers.

Take a billboard for example.

When people drive by billboards there are many people are not interested in your product or service. Essentially, you’re wasting your time and resources advertising to people that don’t want or will ever care about your product or service.

You can’t sell lawn service in Apopka to people who live in apartments and don’t have lawns.

So essentially, you’re paying to advertise to people who will never buy your product or service.

The same is true with TV advertisements. You’re paying a premium to advertise to everyone in the area regardless if they’re interested in becoming one of your customers.

SEO is different.

SEO only focuses on customers that are interested in your business. These are customers that are searching for a solution and you are their solution provider.

SEO is also an active form of marketing

Take a TV commercial for example. When someone is watching TV, they’re actively engaged in watching the program that is currently on. But when a commercial comes on, many people just kind of zone out and don’t pay attention to the commercial.

You are advertising to people who are basically zombies.

You are in front of them, but they don’t even notice you.

And this is in addition to advertising to people who may not even be interested in your product

So, using traditional forms of advertising such as TV commercials and billboards, you have to overcome two obstacles: making sure you are only advertising to the people who are interested in your product or service and making sure people can actually understand the message you’re sending because they are paying attention to it.

SEO vs billboard
Look at all those people ignoring that billboard.

Well, that’s where SEO really makes a difference.

With SEO you can overcome both of these obstacles.

With SEO you’re getting customers who are actively searching for your product. They are saying “hey I’m here with a problem and I need someone to help me with it.” And you are right there in front of them.

SEO is also measurable.

With SEO you can determine your ROI on all of your investments. With almost every single customer that you get with SEO can be traced back through your SEO efforts.

SEO is measurable
SEO doesn’t keep you in the dark about its ROI.

So, you’re never wondering if what you’re doing is working or if it’s just wasting money down the drain.

But SEO isn’t perfect.

SEO as an investment. It takes time and commitment.

It isn’t going to transform your business overnight.

A proper SEO campaign will take some will take months to implement, and in very competitive markets it can even take a year to see substantial changes.

But SEO is well worth it.

A great SEO strategy can increase lead generation to your business, phone calls to your business, people setting up appointments, people getting estimates for your service product service, etc…

Many businesses can see a 5x, 10x, or even more ROI on their investment.

I’ve seen companies spend $2,500 a month on SEO that leads to $25,000 a month of revenue.

SEO isn’t for everyone in Apopka

If you are not a serious business, then SEO may not be for you. Like I said, SEO takes a commitment.

SEO isn’t for people who are not serious about their business.

But if you are serious about your business, then SEO is an absolute must that you need to at least consider.

Don’t believe me?

Many Fortune 500 companies are spending $5,000 and up every single month for SEO services.

These are companies with people that are constantly crunching the numbers to make sure that the ROI is worth it.

But, let’s be honest — you don’t need a budget like that to get customers from Apopka.

At Click Bear Labs, we can send you leads for half the price.

So why are you taking advantage of this as well?

After all, if you’re not investing in SEO your competitor is.

How many customers are going to your competitor instead of going to your business?

SEO as an overall marketing strategy in Apopka

There are a few digital agencies in Apopka, these marketing agencies in Apopka that do SEO services and other forms of digital marketing, only focus on your position on Google search.

They only care if you’re on the first page or second page on Google search.

Here at Click Bear Labs, we see things a little bit differently.

We are not focused on just SEO, we are focused on using SEO to generate leads and revenue to your business.

We have a results-driven approach.

We’re not worried about getting on the first page of Google if it doesn’t bring revenue to your business.

What we are concerned with is getting customers from Google, educating customers about your website, and then turning those customers into hot leads.

I think that’s probably what sets us apart from many other marketing agencies in Apopka.

Ready to get started with SEO?

If you’re interested in getting an SEO campaign set up for your business, and you’re serious about investing in SEO to get a huge ROI in the future, go ahead and contact us.

We can get on a strategy called to determine how SEO can help your business. Maybe we can’t help your business, and if that’s true, we will let you know. We only work with companies if we know we can provide an ROI.

If you’re ready to get started, you can contact us now.

We also provide SEO services to other areas around Orlando.