Sell Online Music Course

The one reason your music course isn’t selling, and how to fix it.

Us musicians know the real way to make a living with music is by teaching music.

And creating an online course is a great way to teach music without having to physically be somewhere.

So, you created a music course.

You put your heart and soul into it.

Finally, you launched your course and…

….it’s not selling.

Maybe you sold a few copies, but not enough for a full-time income.

Why isn’t your course selling?

It’s not your fault.

You are an expert musician and you have an awesome course. 

You just need a little help learning how to package up your talent and make money with it.

If you have a great course AND you can sell it? 

You can turn it into your full-time income.

course fail
Your course’s launch.

Josh and penguin circle

My name is Josh and I spent the past two years reverse-engineering how other successful music course creators sold thousands of their online courses.

Many of these guys and gals were able to quit their day jobs and just sell their courses…

… and a few have even become crazy rich.

And I want to show you exactly how to do that.

That’s why I put together “The Step By Step Guide To Selling Your Music Course” guide.

This is the exact method music creators have used to sell hundreds and thousands of their courses.

This newly released guide covers…

  • Building an audience so you have customers begging to buy from you (page 3).
  • How to make $100+ from every sale of your course (pages 6-8).
  • The one thing that’s keeping people from buying your course and how to fix it (page 2).

And I want to give it to you away for free.

The Step by Step Guide To Selling Your Music Course Book

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