SEO in Kissimmee

If you are a business in Kissimmee you have probably thought about using SEO to market your business. What exactly is SEO? We here at Click Bear Labs do SEO in Kissimmee and other parts of Florida. In this article, we’re going to explain how SEO works and how it can help market your business to local customers in Kissimmee, other areas around Florida, and all around the US.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization.” Think about all of the times you have used a search engine lately. You probably use a search engine ten or more times every single day. 

Google, Bing, Yahoo, and more. They’re all search engines that people use every single day to find businesses and services. 

No matter what your business is, someone is searching for it right now.

Are these searchers seeing your business when they search?

Are you getting customers from Google?

Search Engine Optimization is the process of getting your website in front of people who are searching for your product or service.

Let’s say you own a roofing company in Kissimmee. When someone searches “roofing company in Kissimmee” that person will see a screen like this:

Kissimmee SEO marketing

If you own a roofing company in Kissimmee, don’t you think that having your website here would be valuable for your business?

That’s what we do here at Click Bear Labs — we get your business on Google so people searching for products and services you sell will find you.

But we don’t stop there — we do more than just getting your website in front of potential customers.

More than SEO

Many SEO agencies in Kissimmee and other parts of Florida will just focus on getting your company’s website on the first page of Google, but we think a little differently.

After all, who cares if your website is getting visitors if those visitors aren’t turning into paying customers?

Unlike other marketing companies in Kissimmee, we take a three-step approach when it comes to SEO. Our process is:

  • Getting interested customers from Google to your website
  • Using your website to educate and pre-qualify your visitors
  • Getting these visitors to call you and ask about your service

That’s right, we send hot leads to your business instead of just getting “good Google rankings.”

We spend our time doing things that increase your revenue.

Marketing services in Kissimmee

If you spend any time online, you may have heard of many forms of online marketing and SEO. Let’s cover two of these here.

Pay-per-click services

Pay-per-click, or PPC for short, is a type of online advertising that you see on Facebook and some Google search results. Here is what PPC looks like on Google: 


Kissimmee PPC marketing


and this is what it looks like on Facebook

Kissimmee facebook marketing

With PPC marketing, you are charged every time someone clicks on your ad. Here’s how PPC works:

  • You use PPC to target someone who is interested in your product
  • An interested person clicks on your ad
  • You are charged for the click
  • The person goes to your website and you try to sell them your product or service

Essentially, PPC is like paying money to get people to come to your site. You only pay if someone clicks on your ad, but you have to make sure that you can sell to them when they land on your website.

Organic social media marketing

Social media marketing is a pretty broad term. Generally speaking, social media marketing is marketing that is done on any social media platform. These platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc… 

Although you can do PPC advertising with these platforms, organic social media marketing is a bit different. 

Organic social media marketing includes creating engaging posts on these platforms and interacting with your audience.

Organic social media marketing is all the rage these days, but we think that marketing dollars can be spent better with PPC or SEO.

In one small study we did, we saw that organic Facebook marketing can have an engagement rate of less than one percent.

That means with organic facebook marketing…

99% of your marketing dollars are going down the drain!

Now you can probably see why we think SEO and PPC are much more effective uses of your marketing dollar.

Ready to get online customers in Kissimmee?

If you are ready to use SEO or PPC to get customers from the internet, give us a call. We can discuss if we can help your business. If we can help your business with SEO or PPC services, we’ll tell you. If we aren’t a good fit for your business, we’ll let you know and connect you with one of our partners that is a good fit.