Get a constant stream of leads with SEO services

I remember when I started my first business right out of college.

It was a failure.

I had an awesome product, but an unsuccessful business and couldn’t figure out why.

Years later, it’s obvious what the problem was.

I wasn’t focused on sales.

And sales is the life blood of every business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of getting your brand in front of the eyes of millions of potential customers. Every second of every day, there are 63,000 searches being done on Google. Sure, you’re not going to get your business in front of all of those people. But what it you just got a percent of a percent of those people?

And the best thing about SEO is that customers are literally searching for someone to give money to.

Let’s say you run a video production company. There are thousands of people just searching “video production company” every single month.

video production company google searches

What if when people searched this term your business was at the top of the results? Do you think thousands of people going to your website each month would be good for business?

And that’s just one keyword. What about customers looking for a “corporate video production company?”

corporate video production company

How would you like an extra 250 leads every single month?

That’s just two examples. Just for video production companies there are over 2,000 keywords we can target – each one with the potential to send hyper-targeted customers to your website.

video production company keywords

What’s the point of SEO?

I can hear yourself asking “but how does SEO actually help my business?” There are a lot of SEO companies out there that claim “get on the first page of Google in one month,” but those customers do not lead to sales.

We do SEO a bit differently here.

We see SEO as just one part of a larger marketing strategy. We use SEO to get you targeted customers – customers that are interested in paying for your service.

We get those people on your website.

And then we get those blazing hot leads to call you, email you, send you a carrier pigeon – whatever it takes to turn those prospects into your satisfied customers.

What are the benefits of SEO?

SEO is great. It just is. Here are some ways SEO can supercharge your business:

Capture potential customers at every stage of the buying cycle

We can target customers that have a problem your business can solve. Then, we tell them how your business can solve their problems. After that, we tell them why you are the ones that they need to buy from.

Long lasting search engine marketing (SEM)

Pay per click (PPC) is another form of SEM. These are the ads displayed above other searches when you search for something on Google.

But in order to get in those spots you have to pay for every single click.

You can spend $20+ on every single click that may not even convert into a sale. And when you stop paying for that advertising? It’s gone for good. Pretty much everything you built up is lost unless you start paying again.

Not good.

But SEO lasts. A good SEO campaign that runs today can provide traffic and leads to your website for years.

It’s free real estate.

We have websites where we haven’t spent a single penny on advertising – we just created great content and SEO optimized it.

And we get free traffic from that content every single month.

What are the drawbacks of SEO?

We love SEO here at Click Bear Labs, but it’s not some magic money generating machine that spits out one-hundred dollar bills after flipping on a switch.

SEO takes time

With PPC you can get on the first page of Google within a day.

SEO doesn’t work like that.

Most of the time it takes around 3-6  months to see real results from an SEO campaign.

I’ll say that again: good SEO takes time and patience…

But starting SEO now is like planting trees. If you can plant your seeds now and wait, you’ll have a whole damn forest later.

Because SEO takes a while to see results, we don’t do SEO campaigns less than three months long.

If we did shorter SEO campaigns, we’d just be taking your money and wouldn’t have anything to show for it. You’d get frustrated, we’d be disappointed.

Neither of us would be happy.

But, in order to get results before a three month period, we often run PPC with SEO – it’s a mix of sweet and sour that really complements each other.

SEO isn’t cheap

If you have a website you have probably gotten unsolicited emails about SEO for “$99 a month.” The truth is, SEO that cheap is going to ruin your site…

maybe forever.

SEO takes a ton of man hours and a ton of different professionals. You got a whole team working on your campaign that includes web developers, copywriters, content writers, and SEO specialists.

Don’t believe us?

You can try it cheap SEO, but we’ll be here to help you out after another SEO company totally bombs your website.

How much SEO does my business need?

SEO is not a one size fits all service, it’s more like seeing a lawyer (but not as painful).

Imagine going to a lawyer and before you could explain your problem, she tells you how much it’s going to cost to take care of your problem.

No thanks.

A lot of SEO companies work the same way – they just apply the same solution to every business.

And your business suffers.

Every business is unique and has different SEO needs. That’s why we provide a custom marketing plan and SEO roadmap for all of our clients. We can do this after a brief consultation.

Most SEO experts charge $250+ just for a consultation.

But we’re different.

We want to give you a consultation – free of charge.

Tell us about your business and your business’s needs.

We’ll let you know what we can do for you and then you can make a decision to work with us or not.

No obligation. No risk on your part.

So let’s talk. We can do this over email or a phone call and see how to improve your business.

Get SEO now

P.S. We are only doing free consultations for a little while. After that, we’ll have to start charging again.